Monday, February 27, 2012

watch what you say.

dont EVER say something you dont truly could come back around and bite you in the ass. personal experience. 

vintage look

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



good girl gone bad.

recently ive decided to change my image a little. im a bad girl at heart...dark makeup, tattoos and piercings. it all attracts me

Sunday, January 29, 2012

the hospital

my sister is giving birth as i write this in a small annoying waiting room. i havent slept since yesterday. i was up all day then videochat'd till then at 6 my mom told me my sister was in labor. we got dressed to go to the hospital and ive been here ever since. this will prove to be a long tiring but wonderful experience. anyway heres what i wore. very fashionista at the hospital. haha

Saturday, January 28, 2012

cake boss.

ive always been an artistic person. i decorate ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING i own. my phone, my walls, my clothes, my notebooks....everything! and cakes have been calling my name for a while now. so i wanna try it out. oh and buddy the cake boss is my future husband, let it be known! uh hes so hot and talented lmaooo. anyway i just made my mom a birthday cake. everyone loves it :) im proud of myself.

yea i look like crap but i was baking allllll dayyyyyy. im gonna go k.o. pheww

Friday, January 27, 2012

just a quick thought and on with my day

lots of things i would love to put on facebook but its not worth it. so ill vent here. lmao at all the things chicks post. its just funny how girls always think a guy is soley into them. youre dead wrong my love. he kinda doesnt want you anymore.


thrifting a couple days ago i found a couple belts, a long pretty pink skirt, and a ralph lauren blazer :) check it out though everything was half off that day. so the $1 belts became 0.50 ea. the 4.50 skirt became 2.25 and the 8.00 blazer became 4.00. i was soooo excited. anyway here are some pics of me playing dressup in my new items !

my newest obsession. head accessories.

ive always been put off by hats, scarves, headbands, etc because i felt they took away from the whole outfit and even your beauty and face. but i was so wrong. they can be a wonderfullllllll accessory. this post is about turban headbands and scarves. i looove this look with the hair fallind down the sides either straight or with some waves.


This is the big update post. Since ive been on here last alot of things have changed. Ive gotten 2 new tattoos and four new piercings.

MY BOWS! i love these because they are so feminine against my huge calves haha. 

and i also got my smiley pierced. well i did it myself. i know i know but i did it very sanitarily (?) and ordered the needles used gloves and the whole nine. it didnt hurt a bit! i dont suggest you all go do this yourself though ! but im in looooove with this. it is my favorite body mod so far :)

i also have my nipples and my vch pierced. private i know. so therefore no pics ! sorry lol 

i say this alot... but im back! really this time :)

MOSTLY WITH PICTURES SINCE IM TOO LAZY TO WRITE LONG PARAGRAPHS OF EXPLANATION. ill elaborate most of the time though. anywho. im back and it feels good . ALOT has changed so be prepared for lotssss of recent catch up posts :-*