Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my future

i just found out today, actually a little while ago that i was accepted into my first choice school. RUTGERS- NEW BRUNSWICK! im so excited. im in tears. i hope that i can afford to dorm the first year. i'll have to see what happens. in the mean time, check this out :


i was also accepted into Montclair State University. The only thing ihave to do now is decide. hmmm ?!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the iPhone :)

sooo, i have the iphone and it is absolutely amazing. im so happy with it :) all the features are amazing, it also isn't that costly. if youre considering getting it..please do ;)

Friday, February 4, 2011

its a new day

NOBODY can know who you are if you don't show them who you are. NOONE can just guess what youre like. you show them what youre like. with that being said, being shy is the absolute worst thing you can do. im trying to change this about myself. i tell myself all the time, "i wish they knew i just wish they could see me right now!" thats when im all alone, being my ACTUAL SELF. dont be yourself around yourself, cuz you already know who you are. show others you. show them all of you. never hold back. what people know about you is what you show them. if you want someone to think of you as a certain way, then you absolutely have the power to do that.

im changing, and i know its for the better ! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

looking through old photos...

...i find this. very creative lol. its a little bird mask thing.

oh, summer. you have left me once again

i cannot wait for the summer. pretty colors, vacations, HEAT!, bathing suits, floppy hats.

ahhh. its so close, yet so far away. for now, ill just deal with these expected ice storms

do not fear it, accept it.

embrace your flaws. embrace the person that you are. we were given what we've got and sometimes you just can't change things. acceptance is the first step to self confidence. although i shouldnt be preaching of confidence, being the one with the least, i am learning to accept myself. im learning to see beauty in the things that society tells us is "ugly" not "beautiful." this is something i have just begun to do. i have just embarked on this new adventure and i'm hoping i succeed. life is nothing to be feared. it should be, first, accepted, then admired. do not fear anything for nohing is impossible. just learn. keep your mind updated and full of knowlede. the best kind of person you can be is an open-minded one :)

i love you all, youre beautiful :)

mac travel sized brushes

soo, im obsessed with my mac brushes. they are travel sized but very much like the full sized ones. they came with a bag that i LA-LA-LOOVE. its so cute. here's a pic. (i have the middle one)

theres different sets. some for face brushes, some for eye brushes, and some for lips. i want the others :X

reallly good investment 50$


i've been on a hunt for myself. the real Whitney, whatever wherever whomever she may be. am i funny, smart, beautiful, ugly, quiet, loud, life of the party, nerd, social outcast, social butterfly, popular, loser, outspoken, shy, determined, lazy, failure...succes?! i so desperately want to know where i stand. but sadly that only comes with time. im not fond of waiting but i have no other choice.