Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my future

i just found out today, actually a little while ago that i was accepted into my first choice school. RUTGERS- NEW BRUNSWICK! im so excited. im in tears. i hope that i can afford to dorm the first year. i'll have to see what happens. in the mean time, check this out :


i was also accepted into Montclair State University. The only thing ihave to do now is decide. hmmm ?!


  1. aw; congrats! :))))
    whatre you gonna study?

  2. CONGRATS!!!
    Your first year of college is an amazing experiment! Good luck :)

  3. Congrats whichever you choose! College is amazing... just remember this feeling when things get a little rough!

  4. Monclair is a nice area. Nj is where I grew up at. Congrats! I know you are going to have a good time your first year of college.