Friday, February 4, 2011

its a new day

NOBODY can know who you are if you don't show them who you are. NOONE can just guess what youre like. you show them what youre like. with that being said, being shy is the absolute worst thing you can do. im trying to change this about myself. i tell myself all the time, "i wish they knew i just wish they could see me right now!" thats when im all alone, being my ACTUAL SELF. dont be yourself around yourself, cuz you already know who you are. show others you. show them all of you. never hold back. what people know about you is what you show them. if you want someone to think of you as a certain way, then you absolutely have the power to do that.

im changing, and i know its for the better ! :)


  1. nice post and you have a nice smile!
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  2. Change means growth. That's important.
    I'm glad you feel like your mentality is getting where it needs to be.

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  3. totally agree with everything you are saying here, sometimes change can be soo good :)
    your very pretty chick :) x

  4. damn, preach it girl! haha; you are absolutely right
    &you look so beautiful in these pictures! so natural