Thursday, February 3, 2011

do not fear it, accept it.

embrace your flaws. embrace the person that you are. we were given what we've got and sometimes you just can't change things. acceptance is the first step to self confidence. although i shouldnt be preaching of confidence, being the one with the least, i am learning to accept myself. im learning to see beauty in the things that society tells us is "ugly" not "beautiful." this is something i have just begun to do. i have just embarked on this new adventure and i'm hoping i succeed. life is nothing to be feared. it should be, first, accepted, then admired. do not fear anything for nohing is impossible. just learn. keep your mind updated and full of knowlede. the best kind of person you can be is an open-minded one :)

i love you all, youre beautiful :)


  1. thanks girl..! I love you for who you are... I am learn to love myself more and more there is days when I feel sad but I forget about it in a matter of sec.. life is too short.>!

  2. work it.

    (oh and what happened with ur twitter situation? )