Wednesday, January 26, 2011

girls :)

secret language of girls:

flippy hair = automatically hot
hey can we talk for a sec? = i'm confronting you about something
and i was like... = i said
period at the end of sentences = i'm pissed at you
haha it's fine = i'm too mature to talk about it but i will never forgive you for this
uh okay = what the hell did you just say to me ?!
wait what = i know what you said but i'm giving you a chance to change it so i won't smack you
stop, that's so mean = you just said something mean about my friend but i'm not gonna say anything
haha cool = stop bragging...
or that's cool too = why did you just purposely do what i asked you not to
wee needdaa haangg ouutt ! = i'm saying this to be friendly but it's never gonna happen
i have to go to bathroom = come with me. right. now.
do you have extra... um *widens eyes* = i need a tampon/pad.
that's soo mean = i feel a little bad but not enough to help you
she's such an idiot = i will most likely be all buddy-buddy with her tomorrow at school
i'm just tired or i'm fine = i want you to pressure me into telling you because i secretly am dying to let it out
i don't care = it's killing me inside

Monday, January 24, 2011

its 3 am and i have nothing better to do...

the necklace ALDO ACCESSORIES <333

the greenery

i had lots of fun doing this. it's so fierce! lol <333

it was inspired by Miley Cyrus- Can't Be Tamed ! 
i loooove that video

something very light

i used a light cream color as a base. then i added pinks purples and some others...and came up with this. kinda cutee huh ? 

& omg! should i cut my hair like this ? these are my first layers. but i feel like doing something drastic. maybe cutting it... but ive worked for so long to grow it out...ill see ! :) but i doo really like this BOb look on me .. you never know !

a painter ?!

this laid back outfit is something i loove loove. the plaid button up makes me look like a little painter ! and converse. they're so comfortable. these are slip on canvas. super handy :)

one of my favorite outfits!

This poofy shouldered baby pink t shirt. omg i love :)
lace tights, a little black rose on my headband, and my favorite little 'witch' shoes :)

oh, and my glasses. i swear they go w. everything. GET SOME!

i wish that birthmark was real :) !

i was inspired by marilyn monroe and pinup-ish pictures. oh how i would looove to have that birthmark. i should get it tatted on <3 haha dont doubt me* :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

always distracted !

so i TRIED to clean my room, and i failed. haha i was distracted turned into a little photo shoot ! ugh i need to get myself together. i take pictures ALLL DAYYY LONGGG :) 

oh, what i'd give to own this.

MS. MONROE HERSELF :) what a beauty

soon soon soon :)

I LOVE TATTOOS. AND SOON, IM GONNA GO CRAZY... and im gonna love it :)

the never ending cycle

you never know what to expect from guys. guys never know what to expect from girls. in fact, we never know what to expect of ANYTHING. this life is a mystery. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

SKINS tonight.

the season premiere of skins tonight at 10pm on MTV. i cannot wait :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the best movie i ever saw.

BLACK SWAN the best movie. hands down. i think. its such an intense movie with so many emotional scenes. its really deep. i think thats why im in love. oh, and the fact that its a dance movie. OH AND ALSO, the best actress of the year has to go to natalie portman for her role in black swan. if she doesnt...i will die :X