Wednesday, January 26, 2011

girls :)

secret language of girls:

flippy hair = automatically hot
hey can we talk for a sec? = i'm confronting you about something
and i was like... = i said
period at the end of sentences = i'm pissed at you
haha it's fine = i'm too mature to talk about it but i will never forgive you for this
uh okay = what the hell did you just say to me ?!
wait what = i know what you said but i'm giving you a chance to change it so i won't smack you
stop, that's so mean = you just said something mean about my friend but i'm not gonna say anything
haha cool = stop bragging...
or that's cool too = why did you just purposely do what i asked you not to
wee needdaa haangg ouutt ! = i'm saying this to be friendly but it's never gonna happen
i have to go to bathroom = come with me. right. now.
do you have extra... um *widens eyes* = i need a tampon/pad.
that's soo mean = i feel a little bad but not enough to help you
she's such an idiot = i will most likely be all buddy-buddy with her tomorrow at school
i'm just tired or i'm fine = i want you to pressure me into telling you because i secretly am dying to let it out
i don't care = it's killing me inside

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