Tuesday, April 26, 2011

less pretty?

my hair is something that means alot to me. depending on how im feeling or how im dressed, my hairstyles vary. (well obviously, whitney) but for me, i prefer having my hair down. i love the way loose hair looks with EVERYTHING. unfortunately, summer is well on its way and the heat is no joke. so im going to begin putting my hair in buns and ponytails. eeek, i hate it. but i think i can pull it off. i kind of feel less pretty with a bun, maybe its just me. well here's a picture of my hair :)


  1. you'll never be "less pretty" lol. but it's a must b/c if it's sweaty and down it won't look good. the heat is no joke; reason being i'm cutting my hair soon

  2. I sooo feel the same way, I had to wear a bun on easter because It was too hot and my hair was straight. You look gorgeous tho!