Friday, August 27, 2010

life lesson, listen closely

neverr trust anyone. seriously, i dont care what you think or what anyone has ever told you, you absolutely cannot trust anyone. think about yourself for a minute, dont you know that you have at least once in your life caused someone to not trust. you lie all the time, & you know it. everyone does. so in 100% cannot trust anyone. i mean this in the most non-negative way can slightly trust because at times people can be good. but do not give away all of your trust. no one can be this truthful, its humanly impossible. so sleep on it

alwayss be the best person you can be, for yourself. do what is right for you and only you. you come first.

neverr let anyone manipulate you and turn your words around to make you, in the end, feel like that person is right. that person is never right, that person definately has a powerful tool.

alwayss loove yourself. find a way to do it & quick :)

i had to learn thee hard wayy =/

-Whitney Wawa


  1. love this, i went through shit too.
    im sure everyone has. you made good points.

    we should all live by this lol

  2. Love this post! Im in the process of sort of "re-discovering" the love for myself. Sometimes we get lost, we're human, but in the end as long we learn from situations it will only make us a better person. =]