Saturday, August 28, 2010

the mall, is a sacred place :)

I went to the mall today, to specifically get some oxford shoes and a bag for when i start school the 2nd! I'm soooo pleased with this shopping trip :)

This bag is soo cute! ALTHOUGH its a F21 mens bag lol. I just fell in love with it.

i loove these although they were my second option ! i neeeeeded the steve maddens but i didnt have enough $$ grrrr they were 70 and my budget was 60! im still upset but maybe ill get them another time :(

what do you think about the shoes i got instead?


  1. I love the bag !
    I have a JAG bag, haha no one knows its a mens one :P

  2. haha. cute :)i loove it its so spacious and perfect for school books. it says men on it lmao but oh well. 24.95 ! :)

  3. they are very simillar.
    Love the bag! great choice