Sunday, October 10, 2010


Im sooo sorry that i've been neglecting my blog. I've been super busy now since school started. It's my senior year and i need to keep on track with my work and activities. Ugh and im looking for a job also, its crazy. Well speaking of senior year, there's prom and senior night out that i have to get beautifully dressed for. i want shoes that pop, and a unique dress that no one has/will wear. its a must. so i was looking online, and i discoverd my new LOVE/OBSESSION :) BALMAIN! the dresses are absolutely stunning and i almost cried in joy. i need one of those dresses, but unforunatley i dont have thousands of $$'s for a mini, or a ball gown. but here are my finds:

prom favorites:

this last one is my FAVORITE. there was once a replica of this dress sold at BEBE stores. too bads not in stores anymore. :(  i would love if this dress was my prom dress.

some of my to die for's:

if i dont get this gold dress, ill shrivel up and die :( i NEEEEEED it!!!


  1. Balmain is one of my fave designers his boutique is HEAVEN my friend has the dress (4 up from the last gold one) she loves it Balmain blazers area also hot! the white one is my fave xoxo

  2. I so love the all black dress (3rd from the top) && the purple dress right up under it! I hope u have a great time at prom! I loved going shopping for mine xD the very first dress I tried on was the one i ended up buying l0l it was just perfect!

    However, why do u need a job?? Especially while ur high school =-/ My mom didnt let me work until after my first year of college && I gotta say im thankful for that! Its just too difficult.

    Good luck && have fun in your senior year! Many memories to be made =]]

  3. I love Balmain structured pieces :-)


  4. I love it.

  5. girl i am soooo freaking happy you are thinking more high fashion for prom! you go girl lol :]
    i looove balmain too! i hope you find something by the time senior prom comes up and you look fabbbb! <3

    wondering- did you go to junior prom? ima junior and im most likley not going, i was jus wondering lol

  6. we have the same idea in mind for prom. i love the third dress from the top