Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nail Product Haul

I decided to get my nails done today, because i was looking at old pictures and i kind of missed having long nails. and plus, these nubby fingernails of mine werent working out. a friend of mine's mom always gets clear tips and they look amazing. so i decided to give it a try. they came out very nice. i loove the look of clear nails.
after i got my nails done, i stopped at SALLYS BEAUTY SUPPLY to pick up some things to decorate my nails with. im very happy with my purchase and here is what i got. also below is the final result of my nails.

this is the fruit salad piece i got, im very excited to use it. im planning on painting my nails yellow and putting these fruit pieces on the tips of the nail, like the picture on the package. very pretty very creative.

this is the package of dried up flowers. i used them as you can see, but it comes with purple, white, pink, green, and orange flowers for your nails. also it comes with plastic pieces on the side, some stars circles and flowers. this was only.

i am very aware of my crazy dried cuticles. do any of you know what i can do to fix this?

i got these two nailpolishes a few days ago. well they were just laying around my now they're mine :)
Lemon Fizz, and Ravishing Dahling


  1. I love the designs on the last two fingers, it's so cute!
    And the China Glaze Lemon Fizz polish looks HOT!!!

    Great Blog,
    stop by my blog too :)!

  2. Aww the little fruit things are so cute!

  3. omg the fruity-thingies are really awesome!

  4. thanks for this postt! im gonna go out and finally do this kinda creative thing

  5. I love chia glaze

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