Sunday, August 21, 2011

my next tattoo ... yum

im thinking about what im gonna put in my half sleeve. eh. its hard. BUT i know that the absolute next thing i wanna get is a pin up esque girl. i have someee ideas. but marilyn, baby, thats my girl :)
i wanna get "diana" tatted on me :)


  1. i wanted a pin up to but just didnt want it to look all lesbian-ish (no offense and nothing against that) because most of the sexy pinup girl are semi nude or in some sexual position, so i turned to the alternative and im thinking about getting princess jasmine. i love her!

  2. lmaooo "lesbian" haha. its okay. im not offended. but i know what you mean. i never really looked at it that way. i just like to embrace the female sexuality. its like...we have so much power and i love it :) lol its a beautiful thing. and i love being a girl. haha

    but the princess jasmine thing. really cute.