Sunday, August 21, 2011

my take on it.

so, first things first. i hate when people say "oh no i cant get married with tats on my arms!" ok i completely understand what youre saying. i get it. i really do. BUT A WEDDING IS ONE DAY. one day of your life....ONE! so why would you hold out (if you really wanna get the tattoo) on doing what you love, for one day...for the "image" youre trying to live up to. so what. you are who you are. i am who i am. and if i like the pain of what! if i want tats all over my arms. so what. im gonna get married in a BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING million dollar dress and im gonna look perfect, even with all of my artwork showing. its about WHO YOU ARE. it just. it just doesnt make sense to me. society is fckd up. and i absolutely hate it. all the things i am and am about..society discourages. but that wont stop me. never. ever. ever :) 



  1. i love tattoos and i think if ppl are so determined not to have a tattoo showing on their wedding day they can always cover it up. tattoos can be done tastefully but you have some who love them and some who hate them me personally i love them and for those who hate them oh well its their fucking problem!

  2. yes! its definitely their problem. frankly, i dont care if i offend people. im so happy with what i have really really really does not matter :)

    im glad you love them lol