Thursday, September 9, 2010


Day 04-A habit that you wish you didn’t have✔
I really wish that i didn't have the HORRIBLE habit of always applying lip product. This may not sound bad..but keep reading lol! No matter where I am, what time of day it is, what I'm doing, what I'm wearing, what I look like, where i'm going, etc.. I have to keep putting my lip stuff on. && everytime my lips feel dry or starting to fade. I absolutely cannot help it and i wish i could. i go through sooo many lipglosses grrr ! it could be midnight and i'm in pajamas lol and i have to put some on! Right now i'm using this plumping lip serum from Wal-Mart's line HardCandy. it was a whopping $6 lol and it looks big but is wasting quite quickly..also under that lipgloss i'm using M-A-C's matte lipstick in HoneyLove. so thats 20$ just on my lips...which is wasting sooo quickly because of my dumb habit!


  1. Dry lips are a no-no so to me there's no such thing as overdoing it with the gloss lol

  2. Lol i have that MAC lipstick
    I feel you on the ashy lips... noooo bueno!

  3. im the saaaame way.
    does the lip plumping stuff work?

  4. not at all. but the color is pretty. ive used other plumpers and they tingle on your lips and actually plump them. if i put this on w.o knowing it was 'plumping' i would think it was regular. no difference at all. BUT it is really thick and makes my lips feel amazing...unfortunately no plump =/