Thursday, September 23, 2010

lucky number three

three things i'm obsessing over right now (on top of all the celebs i obsess over lol) areee:

  • NIVEA 'a kiss of shine' lip gloss
  • White nail polish
  • my new SAMSUNG MEMOIR :)
here are some pics. let me know what you thinkk! i loove comments :)

 samsung memoir! new new new lol finally
this phone is amazing in everywayy. completely touch screen except for three buttons. call, end, and back. :) im in looove with it.

my hideous old phone. flintstones phone. ive had it forever!! R.I.P


  1. i like that nivea lip gloss!

    <3, Mimi

  2. hahaha girl i used have your old phone!
    ughh my god- i dunno bout you! but i HATE tmobile, im leavin it this november :]]]
    need a new phone cos i still have a flip phone ha

  3. oh nd i love white nail polish on you & i wanna try that nivea lipglos!