Monday, September 20, 2010


i am ABSOLUTELY in loveee with red lips. it frustrates me because i have a werid skin tone and its hard to wear. i so desperately wish i could wear it everday and look fabulous. but unfortunately that isn't the case. i tried to make the red lips look nice and i am pretty satisfied with the resultss.

what i did:

i brushed my lips with my toothbrush. first run it under warm/hot water, then brush your lips very gently. it leaves them soft and very nice.

then i moisturized my lips with chapstick, to prep them for the red smooth color.

i lined my lips with a reddish lipliner.

filled them in with a matte red lipstick i had from Revlon.



  1. love<3!
    love your hair and the headband too, it all comes together quite nice :)

  2. Girl, I'm still trying to figure out the perfect red lips..I rarely wear it, but tried to be bold last month and thought I was the business until I looked at pics from that night and was like WTF! lol..yours came out nice though!

  3. I like it, it's pretty! I found a matte lipstick pencil that works with my skintone and i'm in love! it makes me feel sooo sexy... come to think of it, i think its revlon too...

    Btw, i bought them clips for my tracks girl! I'm putting them in tomorrow :-D


  4. Really pretty lip stick color!

    I like your blog, i'm a new follower YAY! please check out mine as well( hope you follow back)

  5. You look beautiful. Love the red lips. they came out great. also thank you for commenting on my dance blog. I am glad I inspired you. If you create a dance blog. I would look forward to reading it as I have not found any other dance blogs on blogger.