Friday, September 24, 2010

Kim Kardashian inspired makeup

This picture is soo pretty, this woman is so amazing. I adore her in every way :)
anywhooo, i did a makeup look based on this picture, and step by step tutorial. i hope you enjoy this and try it for yourself. its super easy and very sophisticated. go go go!

first things first, i prepped my eyelids with Smashbox Primer in Smashing 3.

i used TROPEZ Eye Adore eye shimmer in white to cover my eyelid. make sure the white coat is thick and even and not blotchy.

i used Clinique eye defining duo in 01 CASHEW

the darkest brown, i applied to the crease of my eyelid, blending it softly into the white

 on top of the clinique brown i darkened the shadow with this brown from the coastal scents palette. Last column (to the right) and the second to last column.
 to intensify the look i added a bit of black to the crease. the black is right below the brown on the palette

i used the lighter shade of the clinique 'palette' to highlight. then i blended it to soften the black line.

time to line! i used High Intensity Pigments by L'OREAL. the cream eyeliner in 905 Black.


top lid...

i colored in my eyebrows next to perfect any flaws they have, and make them bolder.

then i used CoverGirl lashblastfusion mascara to make my lashes pop!

i used the darker brown from the clinique 'palette' and shadowed it under my lower lashes.

i perfected my skin tone with some foundation....

i highlighted the T zone and my cheek bones with this smashbox duo. highlighter/blush.

time for the lips :)

the prettiest lipstick ever. it is from Models Prefer in color Princess Pink :)

i hope you like !