Monday, September 6, 2010


Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself ✔


I LOOOOOOVE to dance my heart out, everytime!

Im obsessed with MileyCyrus, in secret most of the time lmao

Im the most DRAMATIC person this world will ever see

I used to be an "aspiring actress" but im not confident and im shyy :(

If im not wearing eyeliner i'll shrivel up into a ball and DIE! it keeps me sane :)

i love MarilynMonroe

If i had three wishes one of them would be to look like Kim Kardashian, the next is to be bff's with Miley, and the last...three more wishes lmao

I have two turtles, they are about a year and a half..poor turtles still dont have names

Im soo fun to be around, but sometimes i have anger issues! Genetics!

im timid, ALWAYSSSSS afraid of what people think. its starting to become very unhealthy.

I'm so random, like really random

I LOOOOOOOOVE giving compliments. doesnt it make you feel good :)

i always set goals and make BIG plans, but i never go anywhere with them. its time for changee

I love Buddy from CakeBoss; he's hot and he makes amazing cakes lmaoo. he's a lil oldie italian lmfao. i wanna make cakes someday before i expire

Did i mention how theatrical/dramatic i am...its really bad :)


  1. LOL I secretly like Miley Cyrus too...but don't tell anyone.

    Your blog is super cute, now following! :)

  2. Girl please, you can be shy and an actress, dont throw your dreams away because of that!
    Lol and eyeline keeps me sane too

    I think i want to do this challenge too...


  3. lol how funny i secretly think Buddy is hot too, everyone looks at me like im crazy but i think its his personality that makes him hot

  4. ohmygosh. lol buddy is so cute :D